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What are wall murals?

Wall murals are large, scenic graphics featuring photographic or illustrated high-quality images. They range in sizes that cover an entire wall, a door, or even smaller sized window murals that give your wall the appearance of having a window. See Types of Wall Decor for more information.

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Can I install my wall mural on any surface?

The ideal surface is a wall that is smooth, clean, and free of any irregularities like cracks and nail holes. Most manufacturers recommend drywall coated with flat, latex paint. If your wall does not have a smooth surface (like brick, concrete, or wood paneling), then we recommend installing Liner Paper and two coats of latex paint to prep the area for a wall mural.

Take a look at our Installing a Wall Mural resource guide for links to manufacturer instructions.

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What tools will I need to install a wall mural?

You will only need some basic wallpapering tools, such as a tape measure, smoothing brush, and utility knife, but we also recommend a leveling ruler to properly mark the wall before applying your wall mural panels to it. See our selection of wall mural tools to decide what you may need.

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Do wall murals require paste?

Depending on the manufacturer, a wall mural may include dry paste that you need to mix with water, it may be pre-pasted and only require a dip in some water, or you may have to supply your own paste. Look at the description on each product page to see what paste application is required.

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How do I remove my wall mural?

Always follow manufacturer guidelines, but we typically recommend using dry cellulose past or a strippable ready-mixed paste when installing; you will then be able to take the mural down without damaging the wall. Dry paste is included with most murals at Wall Decor Shops.

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Are wall murals safe to install in bathrooms or other areas with high humidity?

Wall murals require the same attention as wallpaper when being placed in high humidity areas. We recommend a paste with a mildew blocker in case there is moisture trapped in the wall. After the mural is installed, you may want to cover it with water-based polyurethane to protect it from moisture. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions and/or contact the manufacturer to be certain your wall mural will work in a bathroom.

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What if my wall mural doesn’t fit on the wall I want to cover?

If the mural is too big, then you can use a sharp utility knife to trim the excess. Wall murals will typically have at least some space around it that needs to be trimmed.

If the wall mural is too small, you can center it on the wall or even use wood trim to put a frame around it.

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Do you have paint-by-number wall mural kits?

Yes we do. Our paint-by-number kits feature designs on transfer paper that can easily be applied to the wall according to the instructions, or you can modify the colors and arrangement of the mural. Our paint-by-number brands include Kidding Around, Walnutz, and Elephants on the Wall.

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How do I clean my wall mural?

Wall murals can be cleaned with a damp sponge, but be careful not to scrub the mural.

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What are wall decals?

Wall decals are also known as wall stickers, wall stick-ups, and wall appliques. They are all the same product with different names. See Types of Wall Decor for more information about wall decals.

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Do wall decals require paste?

Most of our wall decals have a very easy peel-and-stick application, but there are some Wallies designs that are pre-pasted and require being dipped in water to activate the paste. Be sure to read the description for each product to determine what kind of application is required.

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Do I need any tools to install wall decals?

While most wall decals are easy enough to install with your bare hands, we recommend using a smoothing tool to keep any air bubbles from becoming trapped under the decal.

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Can I install wall decals on any wall?

Wall decals stick best to clean, smooth surfaces. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that they will stick to textured surfaces like brick, concrete, and wood paneling.

See our Decorating with Wall Decals article for more information.

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Can wall decals only be used on the wall?

Of course not. Wall decals can be used on lamps, mirrors, dishes, presents, and for scrapbooking. Take a look at our Off the Wall Ideas article to see some more unique applications with wall decals.

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Do wall decals work on tile?

IdeaStix tile stickers are wall decals that are specially designed to work on tile. They are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they are water and heat resistant.

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Do wall decals work in high humidity areas?

We recommend IdeaStix for humid areas, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. They are heat and water resistant, so you can use them on a kitchen backsplash over the stove or sink, but they can also be used in the bathroom sink and in the shower.

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Can wall decals be reused later?

Peel and stick wall decals can be stored in their original packaging and reapplied at another time or in another location. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to be certain.

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dolphin smile wall mural -ideastix (SKU IS0400) I would like to know if this mural comes with the white lines as shown in the picture. Is it intended for tiles only? David

The Dolphin Smile Wall Mural from IdeaStix is a 72 piece set of individual 4.25" Ideastix decals that are ideally positioned on ceramic tiles.  The decals were designed to be utilized on tiles, but can be applied to any flat surface.     

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I am interested in the 4.25 x 4.25 ideastix Caribbean or similar. The picture show 4 tiles different image. Are these 4 individual tile stick-ons or can they be cut and placed where ever? I need a better description. Thank you.

The Ideastix decal collections are individual 4.25" X 4.25" square decals with similarly themed, but unique images.  The decal collections are intended to be displayed as a pattern to provide a decorative accent pattern.  They are easy to use and very durable. 

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How many ideaStix come in a package? An order of 1 would be for how many decals? Thank you.

Each of the Ideastix products comes with a specific number of individual decals.  The number of decals ranges from 1 to 6.  Please review the product description for the specific number of decals.

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